Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Grillin Wing & More - Grand Rapids

Me and my dad had checked this place out on a whim.  We really didn't know what type of restaurant this was, we just assumed it was all about wings?  To our surprise it's like a Coney Island restaurant!  Which Grand Rapids could use some more of, like Detroit where they are on every corner.

I got the small Greek salad.  The salad was HUGE!  I can't imagine what the large would look like?  The Greek dressing is homemade here and when it was served it was a pink creamy looking yogurt?  I was apprehensive on trying it but it was actually the best Greek dressing I have tried, it's not like any I have ever had before.  My mom said the Cesar dressing here is the best she has ever had also.  

My dad got the Coney dog's with fries.  He said that they were better than other local restaurants famous for their chili dogs, and thought these were the best.  The owner came around to every one's table asking how everyone liked their food.  My dad complemented him on the Coney dogs, and how they taste like the Senate Coney island dogs in Detroit.  The owner says he gets his chili and other food supplied from Detroit which no other Coney restaurant in Grand Rapids has, according to him.  I'm not in the Coney restaurant circuit but it made sense to my dad who works a lot in Detroit.

The wings in my opinion were the best!  We ordered spicy garlic and grilled.  They were saucy by crispy if that makes sense?  They were best wings I have had in a long time.  They also offered boneless, tenders and an assortment of flavors to choose from.  Overall everything was excellent and the prices are extremely low here.

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  1. lol well he lied to you. the hot dogs are from GFS right down the street. i know, i worked for him for a month or so. everything in that restaurant comes frozen.... all of his "authentic sauces" are store bought. im not bitter, i left for schedule reasons, my own.... i just dont think its right he takes all this praise for reheating food on the grill or in the deep fryer... he's part of what's wrong with the hospitality industry today.

    1. Well o.k., LOL. If that's the case where can I buy the greek dressing then? I would really like some for home.


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