Thursday, May 16, 2013

Donk's Mexican Joint - Grand Rapids

So with my dad being in the hospital over 31 days with a cancer surgery gone bad, you can only eat at Prisim's cafe (the hospital cafeteria) so many days in a row.  Surprisingly at Prisim's the only thing healthy is the salad bar?  How ironic for a hospital?  The rest is a dream for a teenager in a high school cafeteria.  So I headed down the road to Donk's Mexican Joint.

The restaurant is very clean and hip.  I opted for the chicken taco salad.  Since I am on my quest to lose weight I omitted the cheese and used salsa for dressing.  The chicken was excellent!  It was all white meat, not greasy, and seasoned perfectly.  I couldn't resist the chips though which were also seasoned and salted how I like them.  I estimated it was all together it was 290 calories.

My husband got the regular beef tacos.  He commented that beef tasted great.  Also the taco's were quite filling for him.  They are quite generous with the beef and he was really full after 3 taco's.  Which is amazing considering it takes 6 taco's from Taco Bell.

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