Sunday, April 28, 2013

Amore Trattoria Italiana - Grand Rapids

Tonight we had dinner with our parents at Amore Trattoria Italina, which is located on Alpine in Grand Rapids.  This is an authentic Italian restaurant.  We have been here quite a few times because we live nearby.  Jenna and her husband Maurizio own this restaurant.  Maurizio was actually born in Italy.  When you come to Amore everyone here is extremely personable and friendly.  Chef Jenna is very hands on and checking on tables making sure your happy.  Our waiter Manny was the greatest waiter ever, very funny and made great suggestions.

We started out sharing a Margherita pizza.  It was a perfect size to share amongst 4-6 people as an appetizer.  The pizza was delicious!  Perfect tasting cheese and sauce.  The crust was baked to perfection, and was not too thick and not too thin.  Another pizza we have gotten in the past was the Fichi pizza, which is a fig pizza. It sounds like it wouldn't be good, but trust me it is a must try.

My husband and mom got the special of the day which was the 12 oz steak.  It had a more formal name but can't recall it?  You would think that being an Italian restaurant that a good steak wouldn't be a strong point.  Think again my friend!  The steak was tender, juicy, and both were good cuts.  The sauce that accompanied it was deslish!

My dad got the La Diavola.  That was spaghetti tossed with lobster in a vodka sauce.  I appreciate a good vodka sauce and they nail it here.  This dish was spicy and was also excellent.  Not for sure but the spaghetti tasted like it was freshly homemade. 

For my entree I got the catch of the day which was Mahi Mahi.  In the past I have gotten Sea Bass and both times the fish has tasted extremely fresh.  Amore is one of the few places where I will order fish from because I know I won't be disappointed.  With the Mahi Mahi you can get a lemon sauce or a tomato sauce.  I chose the lemon sauce with capers.

Chef Jenna is also a celebrity chef!  She has cooked for Cindy Crawford, Snoop Dog, and other celebrities who love her food.  I would recommend making reservations, this restaurant has gained popularity.  Also this restaurant uses local farms, creamery's, breweries, and more.  That is one of the other reasons there food  tastes so fresh.  Another bonus is that there is availability for private parties and banquets.  
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  1. I’m glad our family had a delicious dinner together, I’m jealous I wasn’t there to share the moment and try the yummy food! Before reading your post, I scrolled down and looked at your pictures, I thought in my head, (hey that’s dad’s hand!”) haha. I’m glad dad was able to enjoy a good meal after not being able to eat or drink for consecutive amount of days last month! ~Chelsea Hendrickson

    1. Dad turned into Diva Don that day by saying what time we could go and not go. Also he isn't a fan of me taking pictures of food!

  2. Maria, We always have fun at Amore - Chelsea,I'msorry but you missed out on this one.Move back to GR!


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