Monday, March 11, 2013

Kobe Japanese Steak House

This past Saturday we went to Kobe Japanese Steakhouse for a friends Birthday.  
We had a party of about 9 people.  The wait staff seemed rushed and knew nothing about the menu.  When asking simple questions such as what a flavor of a sauce was they had no idea and said they wondered themselves?  Really?

The first course was soup, which was just chicken broth with a mushroom in it.  It wasn't good at all.  Next course they served a salad, I choose to get my dressing on the side.  It was salad express mix from the grocery store along with the dressing.  So far not impressed.

The hibachi chef''s here made up for the wait staff's bad service.  They are really funny, want you to have a good time and really interact by telling jokes.  I didn't have the fried rice because it's not diet friendly.  Everyone at the party loved it, and talked about how great it was the next day.

The dish I got was shrimp and scallops.  The shrimp was horrible!  It had a spoiled taste to it.  Scallops on the other hand were excellent.  My husband got steak and said it was great.  The grilled vegetables had a weird taste to them.  At the end when we got our checks the hostess basically was trying to rush us out of there and was very rude basically asking us why we were still sitting there.

To sum it up the wait staff/hostess provided bad service.  And if you are trying to eat healthy you can do that here, just ask them not to add butter to your food. Your not going to get that fresh quality taste, just quanity.  If eating healthy isn't a concern then you may like the food, you get a lot of it.

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  1. How fun! I love to watch those chefs cook right at the table!

  2. Looks exciting!

  3. haha salad express! hahah

  4. actually the salad, cabbage and carrots is cut and portioned fresh every morning. the salad dressing they blend themselves usuing sugar, sesame seeds, soy sauce and other special ingredients.


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