Friday, February 8, 2013

Melting Pot

Tonight for my parents 35th wedding anniversary we took them to the Melting Pot restaurant, which is a fondue restaurant. We got the 4 course experience. First course we got to choose two fondue's. My dad and husband got the cheddar which he said was o.k. My mom got the spinach and artichoke which she said was excellent. Next course you get a salad, and then came the main course. My husband got the steak lovers and my parents got the classic. The last was chocolate fondue's and we choose the smores and flaming turtle chocolate.

Skinny Version: of this they offer a low calorie version Special Skinny Menu.  

Overall we had a fun time, other then my husband refusing to participate in getting his picture taken.

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  1. You have a great blog. Thanks for stopping by Mendez Manor today. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Dude you totally snapped a pic of the cashier...and she thought you were a creeper! We have never been to the Melting Pot before and always wondered what was going on inside, now we know!

    Tell Jason he better perk up for blogging material, it's like one of his new jobs.

    1. Jennifer maybe you can have Jon give him a pep talk about it. So far he is not cooperating!

    2. Great post! I love the pictures! Thanks for the props on Urban Spoon! I'm the girl in the picture, Meghan, a manager at The Melting Pot. Come in and see us again, I'd love to offer your free chocolate on your next visit!

  3. Dad and I look like hobos. I knew I should've wore my 'going out' coat.
    We had fun thank you Doll! xox
    Mommy Dearest

    (I still have flashbacks of you calling me that loudly in target)

  4. Thx for the comment! The Louboutins I got are actually so comfy (it depends which pair you buy. Pigalles are super tiny and Im guessing thats where people advised you to buy a half size up.) but I bought the Simple Pump 100mm which is more every-day wearing friendly lol. Im normally 6.5-7 and I bought a 6.5 in the heels and they're fine! Good luck! =)


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