Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Final Countdown to Twins Begins

Hanging at home - Since 25 weeks I have been barely able to leave the house.

Sitting here typing I am now in my 33rd week and have come into the final countdown.  The twins are coming, a boy and a girl.  My body is ready for them to be here, but in my mind hasn't fully grasped it yet (that just sounded like some cheesy lyric from an R. Kelly song).  So I have been off work since 25 weeks.
With my time off I got to watch a lot of reality T.V. and talk shows.  I could so see someone on one of those stupid Everest College commercials (which they play 20 times an hour) having one of these tattoo's.
For those of you that know me, I am not a stay at home soon to be mom type.  I was crushed, devastated and depressed that I was off work, because I envisioned working up until delivery.  It took me a good 3 weeks to get over that.  What happened in week 25 was that I had problems with my SI joint, which is basically for me was my pelvis was rubbing up against my spine.  It is caused by the release of the hormone relaxin which really loosens your ligaments that hold everything in place.  And also with twins everything inside and outside your body is moving, stretching, and growing.  The end result was excruciating pain to walk, sit, lie down.  My mom and my husband had to do basically everything for me.  Literally I couldn't walk!  It was supposed to get worse as the pregnancy advanced, and for awhile it was.  And then I was going to physical therapy 3 times a week which helped a lot.  
When my mom has to drive me to the Dr.
Other than that I was doing remarkably well health wise for a twin pregnancy.  There was no bleeding, gestational diabetes, preclampsia, etc. which is common when carrying multiples.  We did have a scare last week when I went for my routine visit.  They found that my blood pressure was running a little high so they sent me directly to the ER for series of tests.  Also I got steroid shots in the butt for a couple of days to help develop the twins lungs in case we had to deliver pronto.  My blood pressure is fine now and I am now going to Dr.'s twice a week for non-stress tests.  Basically I was told they can come anytime now.
Me 32 weeks with twins.  I hate my hair short, however I needed to cut it short during my first trimester so I could have more time in the morning to puke and less time to do my hair.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

I'm Having Twins & Saying Hello Again After My Blogging Break Due To 24/7 Morning Sickness

Cat's out of the bag I am pregnant with Twins!

So I am pregnant with twins!  I took a couple of months off of blogging and also my social life due to horrendous 24/7 morning sickness.  Literally all I could do was force myself to go to work, at greasy food, and lay on the couch like a beached whale and watch every trashy reality TV show ever created.  There was no energy or will to do anything else except making it through the day.  My social life has went down the tubes.  At work during conference calls I had to put the phone on mute to get sick.  Now I am 17 weeks and have finally got my energy back, not 100% but a functioning human being again.

I took my pregnancy test at work, because I had a feeling I was and couldn't wait.

I was really surprised I was pregnant when I found out in early December.  The sickness started on Christmas Day, oh what a pleasant gift.  In early January during one of the worst Michigan snow storms I started bleeding heavily, I think I was about 6 or 8 weeks at the time.  I demanded my husband take me to the emergency room because I thought that I was having a miscarriage.  During the ultrasound the ER doctor looked at my husband and said it looked like we were having twins, however he could only find 1 heartbeat.  I was wheeled into a more in depth ultrasound and it was there they were able to verify 2 heartbeats!  They believe the bleeding was due to implantation?  Whatever it was, everything is now on track.  I had a feeling I was having twins because right from the get go I had stretching pain in my uterus called round ligament pain at 4 weeks.  When I googled it most everyone that had it that early was pregnant with twins or more.  Now its a couple more weeks until we find out the gender.

If it's Girls it will be Toddlers and Tiara's working the pageant circuit.  LOL!

Twin Boys will Ripping it up on the Trails with these.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy NYE!

Baby Sheba in the forced holiday spirit!

Hopefully everyone has a great NYE!  Don't worry I am holding it down in the Lame department watching Carson Daly and being sick.  I wish I could say my illness was due to a hangover from an epic party, however it's quite the contrary.  The highlight for 2013 for me was my awesome vacation to Arizona in November.  The low point would be being ill since Christmas and being an emotional mess because Justin Bieber is retiring (the second part was a joke).  

Great news coming in 2014.....stay tuned!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Wonderwomen Wine Weekend

One crisp weekend in October a bunch of wild banshee's were let loose in the Leelanau Peninsula for what was called a girls weekend for some and mommy time for others.  In reality it was 2 twenty somethings, mixed in with 5 has been twenty somethings, showing them "they still had it" LOL!   So it started when the brunette brigade from Detroit intersected with the blonde brigade from Grand Rapids for an epic weekend in the wine country of Lake Leelanau. 

There was a lot that could potentially go wrong with this picture based on our past history with party buses.  Lets just say nobody got kicked off this time.
We rented a house and all met up there on Friday night.  We actually didn't all know each other because some were friends of friends, but we became friends very fast.  We started Saturday morning  out fresh with a party bus  shuttle.  My thrifty (her maiden name starts with a Van) BFF Kelly  didn't want to pay the extra $50 for a bus.  It wasn't hell on wheels but it got us from point A to point B.  I honestly felt sorry for the driver, but he was very organized and kept the group on track and on time, and very flexible.

We did about 7 wineries and it was booming!  Fall is the busiest and there were a ton of bachelorette parties too.  Another bonus of having the hired shuttle is that they call ahead and make reservations for your tasting so you don't have to wait, and sometimes have your own tasting area.  We had one near miss with Stacy. She wanted to know where these group of girls were from at one winery.  Instead of walking up and asking where they were from, she instead got behind the counter to pretend she worked there.  It was fine until they wanted to buy wine and needed to cash out.  It was a sign to move on to the next winery.

We ended our day with reverting back to our party days by picking up pizza and drinking out of solo cups back at the rented makeshift sorority house.  And then people started quietly disappearing, even the twenty somethings needed nap.  Except Stacy who I think manages to get even less sleep than I do, which I thought wasn't possible.  We did manage a round two of pizza after the naps and watched the Detroit Tigers lose the playoffs.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fall Decor by a College Dropout

My front window fall window decor

OK so I have a Bachelors in Business Management, so I am not a true drop out.  And when we last left off I was pursuing my Masters in Management.  I completed one class, got an A and dropped out.  Why?  Because I am a crazed, corporate, competitive, type "A" personality nut job who felt the curriculum wasn't good enough.  The real truth is that I was spending hours writing research papers on theory and felt it was wasting my time because it was nothing new just busy work, and nothing I could apply to my job.  I want to learn more about finance, statistics, and the technical end of business.  So when I am spending hours on homework it will be in learning something new and that I will be able to apply it to my career and take me to that next level.  So I am on a new path in which I want my MBA.

Enough about that mess.  I am obsessed with Pier 1 Imports.  And no I am not paid to plug them (I wish, and would gladly accept free product though).  Really I lost my home decor style for awhile but got my grove back.  I used to hate Pier 1 because it used to be overpriced and a bunch of beaded crap that was rejected decor from the Taj Mahal.  Totally different now!  In the picture above I got the lighted up pumpkin and squash from Pier 1.

I decided to start my decor makeover with my front window.  I live on a corner with a large window with some traffic and I needed to add some jazz for them to look at.  The lighted pumpkin and squash are from Pier 1.  The over sized vase I bought a long time ago from Costco, and the filler flower and lighted branches are from Hobby Lobby.

Now for my revelation.  I used to think Hobby Lobby and their 50% off sales were such a great deal.  I was price shopping and with Hobby Lobby and their sale versus Pier One's sale price are about the same.  The quality with the Pier 1's items were so much more higher quality or more unique in design.  Thats' just my 2 cents.  My strategy with Pier 1 is sign up with their e-mail and you will get 20%, and then more coupons.  So when I go shopping I only buy sale items and then use my coupon on top of those sale items.  I make out pretty well.  

Before I check out for the night, did anyone get the new Lady Gaga album?  AWESOME!!!

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